Bunting Archive

About the Project

Bunting Archive was created by Dr. Fiachra Ó Corragáin with support from the Irish Arts Council.

The aim of the project is to preserve Bunting’s efforts and arrangements, and to make the collected works of Edward Bunting accessible and interactive.

Buntingarchive.ie hosts materials from Bunting’s first publication of music, the 1797 General Collection of the Ancient Irish Music.

Each of the collection’s sixty-six pieces are housed on the site, with newly transcribed scores and recordings of Bunting’s piano arrangements.

The pieces are performed on the Irish harp by Fiachra Ó Corragáin, as Bunting collected much of this music from harpers at the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival.  All of these pieces can be adapted to any instrument.

Please feel free to explore the collection, listen to the music, download scores, and perhaps include some of these pieces in your own repertoire.