BAMus (Hons), DipABRSM, PhD

Dr. Fiachra Ó Corragáin is a composer, musician, and researcher from Co. Cork.  The harp is his main instrument and he also plays the concertina, fiddle, accordion, piano, voice, and like Bunting, the organ.  

Combining the old with the new, Fiachra’s work honours the musical heritages of the past with diligent study and sensitive consideration, while also looking to the future with unique perception and innovation. 

Fiachra studied Music and Irish in University College Cork and achieved a double first-class honours degree with final results that were in the top five highest marks in Music ever awarded by the university.  

At the unprecedented age of twenty-one, Fiachra commenced PhD studies in composition in the School of Music and Theatre in University College Cork, specialising in composing music for dance and narrative musical composition.  In 2016, he was conferred with a PhD in composition as the youngest doctoral music graduate in UCC’s history.  

The Bunting Archive project continues in Fiachra’s musical conservation efforts.  Fiachra transcribed the wax cylinder recordings of the Henebry/O’Neill collection, which can be found here.  Fiachra also created a series of videos and recordings entitled Hidden Gems, exploring music collected by Captain Francis O’Neill and developing arrangements and performances of rarely-heard pieces. 

In 2018, Fiachra was commissioned to compose and perform Planxty Prince Charles in honour of the visit of Prince Charles to Cork.  Fiachra has composed numerous commemorative ‘planxty’ compositions, enlivening the traditions of historical Irish harper composers as exemplified by figures such as Turlough O’Carolan.

Fiachra has made many appearances on Irish television and radio on programmes such as Nationwide, Miriam Meets, Sunday Miscellany, Feis and Blood, and Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive on Lyric FM.  

Fiachra’s discography has received national radio airplay and a placement in an RTÉ ad.  Recordings include Hidden Gems (2014), The Enchantment (2016), and Cas (2019).  Fiachra’s visual outputs such as White Horse, Tá na Báid, and Cad é Sinfocus on nature and landscape, as well as the intersection of music, dance, narrative, and art. 

Fiachra has composed and produced music for stage and screen, including the Canadian short film Sídhe, and productions for Ériu Dance Company; Walls Talk (2018) and Salómae (2019).  Salómae’s original score was composed and recorded by Fiachra and the production premiered in 2019 in An Taibhdhearc theatre, Galway.